February 10 2017, @The Bossanova Ballroom, Portland OR - Famine Fest w/Revenge, Ritual Necromancy & more
February 9 2017, @The Golden Bull, Oakland CA w/Black Fucking Cancer, Gloam, Larave
Monday October 16 2017,  @The Blue Lamp, Sacramento CA w/ Sutekh Hexen, Hissing, Defecrator

November 10 2016, @The Golden Bull, Oakland CA w/Hell, Aseethe, Akatharsia
July 22 2016, @Thee Parkside, San Francisco CA w/Inter Arma, Withered

April 2 2016 Berlin, Germany @Tiefgrund - Vendetta Fest w/ Addaura, Antlers, Ultha, Paramnesia, Crowskin, Seher
April 3 2016 Hamburg, Germany @Rote Flora w/ Addaura, Antlers
April 4 2016 Mainz, Germany @Haus Manisch w/ The Great Cold
April 5 2016 Mannheim, Germany - @JUZ Mannheim w/ Void Obelisk, Pest Empire
April 6 2016 Pilzen, Czech Republik @Pegeln Brana
April 7 2016 Prag, Czech Republik @Club 007 w/ Doom, Adacta.
April 8 2016 Abtenau/Wien, Austria @Neudegg Alm w/ Adduara, Antlers
April 9 2016 Bozen, Italy @Bunker Youth Center w/ Addaura, Antlers, Deadsmoke
April 10 2016 Bologna, Italy @Freakout Club w/ Loia
April 11 2016 Perugia, Italy @CSOA Ex Mattatoio w/ Hate & Merda, Carnero, Northwoods
April 12 2016 Varese/Milan, Italy @Cantine Coopuf w/ Viscera///, Hadit
April 13 2016 Linz, Austria @Kapu w/ Dead to a Dying world
April 14 2016 Leipzig, Germany @UT Connewitz - Doom Over Leipzig w/ Jucifer, The Black Heart Rebellion, Burials, Mantar
April15 2016 Verden, Germany @AZ Bacillus (canceled)
April 16 2016 Ieper, Belgium @De Vort´n Vis w/ Scraps, Link, Mares of Diomedes, Sores

November 5 2015 @The Golden Bull, Oakland CA w/ (The Infamous) Gehenna, Theories, Wake
November 15 2015 @The Golden Bull,  Oakland CA w/ Unearthly Trance, Buried At Sea, Chrch

Wednesday October 14 2015 @Complex,  Glendale CA w/ Graves At Sea, Ancient Altar, Dead To a Dying World
October 15 2015, @191 Toole, Tucson AZ - Southwest Terror Fest Day 1 w/Thou, The Body, Negative Standards, Dead To A Dying World & more
October 16 2015 @The Treehouse, San Diego CA w/ Dead Ghosts, Monochromacy
October 17 2015 @8030 Westman Ave. DYI Space, Whittier CA w/Children of God, Ghostlimb, Haarm, Bouquet
October 18 2015 @Cafe Pergolesi, Santa Cruz CA w/ Augurs, Gorphyriac

August 16 2015 @942 Gilman, Berkeley CA w/ Acephalix, Usnea, Augurs
August 15 2015 @The Oakland Metro, Oakland CA - Deadfest 2015 - w/Terrorizer, Nausea, Noothgrush, Capitalist Casualties, Gehenna, Primitive Man & more
August 13 2015 @Hemlok Tavern, San Francisco  CA, w/ Primitive Man, Northless, Chrch
August 7 2015 @First Church of the Buzzard, Oakland CA w/ Abyss, Necrot, Negative Vortex
July 25 2015 @Womens Center, Chico, CA - Epic Fest 2 - Day 2 w/ Cold Blue Mountain, Ion, Fallon, Lament Cityscape & more
June 23 2015 @The Knockout, San Francisco CA w/ Lesbian, Barren Altar
March 7 2015 @The First Church of the Buzzard, Oakland CA w/ Dispirit, Summons, Chrch, Spectral Voice

December 13 2014 @Thee Parkside, San Francisco CA w/Black Cobra, Wolvhamer, Badr Vogu
August 31 2014 @The Starlite Lounge, Sacramento CA w/ Dispirit, Chrch
August  17 2014 @The Witch Haus, Santa Cruz CA w/ Usnea, Forn, Augurs
August  5 2014 @First Church of the Buzzard, Oakland CA w/ Primitive Man, Hexis, Negative Standards, Akatharsia
June 8 2014 @The Stork Club, Oakland CA w/ Cormorant, Godhunter, Secrets of the Sky, Bottom, Forgotten Gods
May 3 2014 @First Church of the Buzzard, Oakland CA  w/ Badr Vogu, Wilt, Connoisseur, Dispara
April 22 2014 @San Jose Rock Shop, San Jose CA w/ Eyehategod, Necrot, Deathgrave, Deadpressure
April 19 2014 @First Church of the Buzzard, Oakland CA w/ Megaton Leviathan, Your Enemy, Modern Man, Enemigo
March 15 2014 @The Ghost Town Barn Oakland CA w/ Badr Vogu, Augurs, Windmill of Corpses, Xenotaph
February 22 2014 @The Colony, Sacramento, CA w/ Hazzard's Cure, Augurs, Cura Cochino, Tom Hanx

October 18 2013 @RCA/Hot Mess Squat, Oakland CA w/ Embers, Rolling Through The Universe, Ninth Moon Black
October 3 2013  @1530 E.12th St. Studios, Oakland CA w/ Centuries, Augurs, Children of God, Pray For Teeth
September 25 2013 @The Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco CA w/ Bell Witch, Larvae, Badr Vogu
August 24 2013 @Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland CA,  w/ Embers, Black Fucking Cancer, Sacrament Ov Impurity, Cannibal
August 15 2013, @Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland CA w/ Lungs, Tom Hanx, Fabricant
August 10 2013 @Ghost Town Barn, Oakland CA w/ Augurs, Gloam, Folivore
July 17 2013 @Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland CA w/ Set and Setting, Monuments Collapse
July 2 2013 @Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland CA,  w/ Antikythera, Larvae, Dead Man
June 2 2013 @The Greenhouse, Concord CA w/ Hacksaw to the Thorat, Stoneburner, Burials, Times of Desperation, Intact
May 19 2013 @The Fortress, San Francisco CA w/ Usnea, Augurs
May 17 2013 @Casa De Chaos, Sacramento CA w/ Braveyoung, Tom Hanx
May 11 2013 @Ghost Town Barn, Oakland CA w/ Braveyoung, Tom Hanx, Dead Man
May 3 2013 @Eli's Mile High Club,  Oakland CA w/ Old Crow, Drunk Dad, Augurs
April 25 2013 @Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland CA w/ Hollow Mirrors, Eight Bells
April 9 2013 @Sub-mission Art Gallery, San Francisco CA w/ Condition, Die Hard, Negative Standards
March 16 2013 @Oakland Music Complex, Oakland CA w/ Children of God, Catapult the Dead, Mountain Tamer, Lust Hogs, Held Down

September 30 2012 @The Knockout, San Francisco CA w/ Exit Souls, Inter Arma
September 2 2012 @Lucky 13, Alameda CA w/ Author and Punisher
August 21 2012 @The Oakland Metro, Oakland CA w/ Kayo Dot, Wild Hunt, Hollow Mirrors, Marching Mind
July 22 2012 @The Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco CA w/ City of Ships, Young Lions
June 17 2012 @Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland CA w/  Old Crow, Behold the Monolith
May 29 2102 @Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland CA w/  Deep Sea Thunderbeast, One Eyed King, Lo-Pan
March 30 2012 @Ghost Town Barn, Oakland CA w/ Red White and Die, You Die, Generation Decline
February 25 2012 @Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland CA w/ Prizehog, Mourning Ring, Iron Mountain
January 30 2012, @Elbo Room, San Francisco CA w/  Shock Diamond, Megaton Leviathan

October 16 2011, @Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland CA w/ Hypergiant, Machuko, The Worship of Silence, Absolem, Heavy Action, Sludgebucket, Floating Goat
September 16 2011 @The Stork Club, Oakland CA w/ Whiskyback, Sludgebucket, Sofa Junkie
September 7 2011 @Kimo's, San Francisco CA w/ Leeches of Lore, Funeral Stain.