Two of us are also now active in a new Oakland-based band called Atrament: Mattia on Vocals again and James on guitar. They are also the ones who started the project. Our friends Chad Galey (from Necrot, Rude, Mortuous, Caffa, and ex-Vastum) and Sam are on drums and bass respectively. Atrament play reckless D-Beat with strong crust, black, and death metal influences coming from bands like Darkthrone, Doom, Discharge, Dismember, etc. The band plays live from time to time (only locally up until now) and has released a debut demo tape in late 2015, while their debut album was recently released on vinyl (early March 2016) on Broken Limbs Recordings (US) and Argento Records (EU), while a cassette version was released by Sentient Ruin. You can get their stuff on Bandcamp. Enjoy.