Cinereous Incarnate.

Our third LP will be called Cinereous Incarnate - set to be released on June 8 2018. 

The full length, 43 min LP, is slated for release through I, Voidhanger Records (CD), Daymare Recordings (Japanse enhanced CD), Sentient Ruin Laboratories (US LP/tape/digital), Vendetta Records (EU LP), and Tartarus Records (EU tape). Track listing:

1. Nether
2. Cinereous
3. Ashen Reign
4. Wings of Annihilation
5. Incarnate
6. Devouring Night
7. Fear of God
(Amebix cover - Japanese CD bonus track only)

Recorded and mixed at Earhammer by Greg Wilkinson (drums captured at Nu-Tone Recording by Ben Hirschfield), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and with contributing soundscapes from Kevin Gan Yuen of Sutekh Hexen and SF industrial act Only Now. Artwork also by Kevin Gan Yuen. All versions will be meticulously crafted: the LP will come with a single pocket heavy gatefold jacket with black inner flood, spot UV, and pantone offset black and metallic silver graphics. Vinyl colors will be in 3 configurations: black (limited), ashen grey (standard), and milky white with black swirls (standard). The CD and tape will be a mini gatefold and cardstock folding case respectively, and will feature the same graphic features as the LP (spot UV graphics, pantone black and metallic offset print on the booklets). Pre-orders for all formats and track premieres imminent. Checkout the trailer by Chariot of Black Moth below.